giving up on your old reliable vehicle

giving up on your old reliable vehicle

Working With A Mechanic: Important Dos And Don'ts For Great Service

Glen Soto

Is your car in need of service? If so, then there's a good chance you'll be bringing it in to a mechanic to have the necessary repairs done. If you want to make sure that your experience with your repair shop goes as smoothly as possible, however, there are a few basic etiquette tips you'll want to keep in mind when working with your auto mechanic.

DO Be Clear About Your Intentions

If you plan on simply bringing your car in for a quote or diagnostic and then shopping around with other local mechanics for the best price, that's fine. But do the mechanics a favor and let them know that you plan on doing this. This way, they don't book out a chunk of their day with the assumption that they'll be working on your car. Telling them you're going to shop around may also lead them to be more competitive in price.

DON'T Call Every Hour for Updates

If you do leave your car at the shop for repairs, your mechanic should give you an estimate as to when your car will be ready. More than likely, they will also call you directly as soon as your car is ready to be picked up (they don't want it taking up space in their shop or parking lot), so there's no need to tie up their phone lines by calling and checking for updates every hour or so.

DO Ask for Permission to Enter the Garage

You certainly have a right to see the work that's been done on your car, but be sure to ask for permission before you decide to set foot in the garage while repairs are in progress. For starters, being in the garage without safety equipment could put your well being at risk. Furthermore, it can be considered rude to be hovering over your mechanic while he or she is trying to work on your car.

DON'T Overlook Tipping a Mechanic

While mechanics certainly don't rely on tips to make a living by any means, the fact remains that they do happily accept tips. If a mechanic goes above and beyond to ensure that you're well taken care of and that your repair is done quickly, you may actually want to consider slipping him or her a small tip. It doesn't even have to be cash; a gift card to a local coffee shop or even some fresh-baked cookies can help you maintain an excellent relationship with your mechanic.  


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giving up on your old reliable vehicle

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