giving up on your old reliable vehicle

giving up on your old reliable vehicle

Going On A Road Trip? Get New Tires To Minimize The Chance Of A Blowout

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Most people drive a limited number of miles on a daily basis, so it allows them to only worry about vehicle maintenance over the course of months. But, when you are planning a road trip, you have to pay close attention to your vehicle's condition to avoid a problematic situation when you are on the road. If you have worn-down tires that might be able to last another month or two of regular driving, you should replace them because it is better to replace them at home than to have to do it in an emergency. This process will also drastically reduce the chance of having a tire blowout when you are in the middle of your road trip.

Get Yourself a Digital Pressure Gauge

Just getting new tires is not enough to guarantee safety on the road. It is also important to keep the tires at the right pressure at all times, which can fluctuate as you traverse through different climates. So, it is a smart investment to buy a digital pressure gauge that you can use throughout the trip. It is ideal to check out the pressure when you know that the temperature has dramatically increased or decreased. This way, you can head to a nearby gas station and fill up on air or let some of it go when needed.

Rotate the Tires on Long Trips

Road trips can last anywhere from a few days to several months. If you are going on a long trip, traveling to multiple states, you should consider the idea of getting your tires rotated along the way. It is beneficial to get this service done as early as 3,000 miles, but waiting until 5,000 miles is perfectly fine. This step will even out the wear and tear of the tires, which will also lead to safer driving.

Keep the Weight Down

Blowouts happen for a number of reasons, but overloading is one of the primary causes. It is easy to overload your vehicle when you are going on a lengthy road trip, but it is crucial to avoid this problem. Make sure to research exactly how much your car can safely hold before you start loading up. Normally, you might think of stocking up on gallon jugs of water to handle most of your trip. To reduce the weight, you can just take one or two gallon jugs and refill them at grocery stores when one goes empty.

By following these tips and getting new tires, you can enjoy your road trip with a minimal blowout chance. For more information, contact local professionals like Jones Automotive.


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giving up on your old reliable vehicle

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