giving up on your old reliable vehicle

giving up on your old reliable vehicle

Buying A Used Semi Truck? 3 Accessories You Should Consider Installing

Glen Soto

If you are planning to buy a used semi truck, you have to look at many different things, such as rust damage and overall maintenance, to determine whether or not the truck will be a good fit for you. You should also consider some of the accessories you might install to boost the value of the truck. The following accessories will add value to your truck while you're using it, and they will also add value if you decide to sell it in the future. Consider the following three accessories.

LED Lights

LED lights not only look great, but they also increase your safety. These lights shine brighter so you can see more of the road ahead of you. Consider putting an LED light bar on the back of your truck to keep it visible to vehicles driving and people walking behind you. You can also install LED lights in the grill, on your visor, and in your wheel wells. There are a variety of colors and styles you can choose from.  Visit a lighting company to see what your options are.

Air Conditioner Powered by Batteries

If you are on the road a lot, you have to pull over and rest. During the hot summer months, you will have to leave your truck running to stay cool. To save gas, you should have a battery powered air conditioner for your truck. You can put this in your sleeper cab so you can rest comfortably. When purchasing a battery powered air conditioner, check to see how long it will run and the types of batteries you can use. You want something that will run at least a few hours so you can get more sleep.  They come in a variety of sizes. You can put a larger one in the back, and you can purchase a smaller one to keep up front with you while you're driving.

Air Purifier

When the temperatures start rising, the pollutants in the air rise also. You can be exposed to even more pollutants if driving through a city. To help with this problem, install an air purifier in your truck. It can be built into your sleeping area or on a wall in the cab.  These purifiers generally run by battery and they have disposable filters you will have to change periodically.  If you are on the road a lot, you are exposed to air pollutants every day, and they can have an impact your health, so you'll want to avoid them as much as possible.

These accessories will all make your used semi truck even better. Talk with a used truck salesman to learn about other accessories that might be beneficial in your semi truck.


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giving up on your old reliable vehicle

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