giving up on your old reliable vehicle

giving up on your old reliable vehicle

Addressing A Couple Of Questions About Common Auto Body Damages

Glen Soto

Auto body damage can be a common problem that can arise for any number of reasons. However, it is a reality that many drivers lack the expertise needed to understand this type of damage. If you have rarely given auto body damage much thought, you will likely want to have the following couple of questions about routine forms of damage answered so that you can more effectively make decisions when having these issues repaired.  

How Are Paint Scratches Repaired?

Damages occurring to your car's paint can be one of the most frequent issues that you will need to address. Unfortunately, there are many people that will delay having their car's paint repaired. This might not seem like a serious problem, but it will give the paint a chance to start to peel. The peeling will occur because moisture can seep into the scratch, which may cause corrosion to develop.

Fortunately, the repair process for paint scratches is fairly simple. Minor scratches can simply be sealed with a special resin that will prevent moisture from seeping into the scratch. This resin will be clear when it dries, which will help to make the damage far less visible. In instances where the scratch is particularly deep, it may be necessary to apply a fresh coat of paint to the affected area.

What Is Done To Repair Dents?

Dents can be another common issue that your car's body can encounter. Unfortunately, some people will delay having dents repaired because they are under the belief that they will have to get the car repainted. This may not always be necessary as minor dents may not cause damage to the paint. These dents can often be repaired by using a powerful suction device to gently pull the dents out.

Instances where the dents are particularly severe may not be able to use this type of repair technique. Rather, these damages might need to be repaired by applying an auto body filler to the exterior of the car. This filling will need to be painted to ensure that it matches the rest of the car. While this type of repair may be more expensive, it can be the best option for cars with severe dents.

Having auto body damages repaired is an important task for car owners to have done. More precisely, understanding what to expect from having paint scratches and body dents repaired will help you to be better able to oversee these auto body repairs to your vehicle.


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giving up on your old reliable vehicle

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