giving up on your old reliable vehicle

giving up on your old reliable vehicle

How To Spot A Problem With Your Brakes

Glen Soto

It is vital that you are aware of the signs of brake problems so you can get your vehicle to an automotive repair or brake specialist shop immediately. To help you understand when it is time to call for an appointment, you will want to check out the following points.

You See Smoke

You might not see a lot of it, but if you are noticing a little bit of smoke coming from behind the tire of your vehicle when you come to a stop, you have a serious problem. The issue may be that your brake pads have broken and the metal piece that holds the pads has now become stuck on something, such as a damaged rotor. Either way, you will need to get your vehicle to mechanic to fix your brake problem immediately.

You Catch A Whiff Of A Burning Smell

If you walk past your tires after just parking your vehicle and notice a burning smell, it is time to have your brakes repaired. Whether the smell is faint or strong, it is a indication that there is an issue. You may have worn off all of your brake pads and you are now pushing metal into your rotors whenever you are trying to stop or slow down. The sooner you have this issue repaired, the less likely it is that you will have to also replace the rotors due to extensive damage.

You Feel The Brake Pedal Bounce Beneath Your Feet

You should not feel any additional movement or resistance when you go to apply the brakes in your vehicle. You should be able able to gently push the brake pedal to the floorboard in a smooth manner. Therefore, if you happen to feel a bouncing or vibrating sensation in the brake pedal when you are using it, you will need to get it to the mechanic right away. There is something within the braking mechanism that is getting stuck, and this can make it difficult for you to brake in a safe and efficient manner and cause other damage if it is not corrected soon.

If you suspect that your brakes are in need of replacement, it may be best to actually have your vehicle towed to a brake repair specialist. This way, you do not run the risk of getting into an accident because your brakes completely stopped working on the way there.


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giving up on your old reliable vehicle

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